Concentrate Review: Gelato #33 Live Resin Sauce by Barewoods

Gelato 33 Live Resin Sauce is the Larry Bird of concentrates. Originally cultivated by Northern California’s Cookie Fam, Gelato 33 was given the Hall-of-Fame NBA player’s jersey number and is just one of many intriguing variations of the Gelato strain. A cross between the Cookie Fam’s Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie and Sunset Sherbet, Gelato 33 Live Resin Sauce is a minty-sweet concentrate with an impressive and commanding high.  

A Hybrid Concentrate, Gelato 33 Live Resin Sauce by Barewoods is an influential medicine for the overstimulated psyche.

Appearance: Live Resin Extracts are also known as terp “Sauce” within the Concentrate community. Gelato 33 Live Resin is a full-spectrum dab that’s presented as a pile of yellow crystals in a puddle of liquefied terpenes. Similar in appearance to crystallized honey, the Live Resin sauce made from Gelato 33 is a sweet treat for the head.

Dab: My first dab of Gelato 33 Live Resin Sauce liquefied faster than the Wicked Witch Of The West when she was hit with water. The dab, taken after my rig reached an optimal temperature, melted into a pool of beneficial and delicious compounds. Gelato 33 is a serious Live Resin Sauce that beckons to those elevated hash tokers and terp chasers within the cannabis community. A heady and flavorful dab for the cranium, my hit Gelato 33 released a barrage of familiar flavors.

Flavor: While the Gelato 33 pre-run flower tends to embrace a woody flavor profile, Barewoods’ Gelato 33 Live Resin Sauce is considerably more floral. A blast of sweet mint overwhelms the senses on the inhale, with hints of GSC’s dark chocolate dominating the exhale. From the very first dab, Gelato 33 Live Resin Sauce boldly announces itself as a top quality, premium concentrate.

The High: One dab, two dabs, three dabs, floor. These concentrates will help elevate the 420 celebrations this weekend to a whole new level. Instantly high after the first rip, I felt a relaxed sensation of positivity replacing my daily apprehension, providing a welcome sensation of tranquility after a long work week. Gelato 33 Live Resin Sauce cleansed my intellect of any residual anxiety left over from the weekly 9-to-5 grind. Because of the strength of this Live Resin, just one dab can go a long way. And as I discovered, three can send you straight into the realm of colorful dreams.   

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