Concentrate Review: Experience the Sting of Venom OG Live Resin Sauce

Great genetics, i.e. flower, often produce inspired extracts, and Venom OG Live Resin Sauce is a prime example. A savage dab with a complex profile, this Indica-dominant concentrate has intoxicating effects that are the perfect antidote for managing daily aches and pains.

Produced by SoCal Dabbers, the Venom OG Live Resin Sauce was created by utilizing a closed-loop extraction process. A celebratory, post-primary dab for those voters that went to the polls and cast their ballots for continued reform, this terpy sauce is great way to commemorate the progress made by California’s pro-cannabis candidates on Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

Venom OG Live Resin Sauce by SoCal Dabbers

Venom OG Live Resin Sauce by SoCal Dabbers

Appearance: An orange and amber sauce with a caviar appearance, the Venom OG Live Resin flashes her proprietary blend of delicious terpenes and beneficial compounds at first glance. Cloistered by its strain-specific terpenes, Venom OG’s miniaturized THC crystals appear moist and reek of diesel, pine, and skunk. Regardless of your plans for the upcoming weekend, this sauce will make your list of activities a tad more entertaining.

Venom OG Live Resin Sauce SoCal Dabbers

Dab: SoCal’s Venom OG Live Resin Sauce is most definitely a bomb concentrate. Vaped and ghosted from a quartz bucket, the dab of Venom provided an immediate sense of solace and peace. As the dab‘s vapor was drawn through the rig and into my lungs, I could feel a sense of renewed motivation for addressing the tasks at hand.

Venom OG Live Resin Sauce on a Glass Dab Tool

Flavor: As you might expect an OG sauce to taste, Venom OG Live Resin Sauce smacks of a pungent Pine Sol-y tang. A hybridized cross of Poison OG x Rare Dankness #1, Venom OG has a diesel and pine flavor with a touch of citrus. This commanding concentrate will urge your senses to pay attention. While the sauce’s sharp petroleum and pine flavors dominate the inhale, the exhale delivers exactly what you’d expect from an uber OG extract.

Jar Venom OG Live Resin Sauce SoCal Dabbers

The High: The high from these extracts provides a quiet moment to exercise the intellectual pursuit of critical thinking. Another top-shelf concentrate for your 710-circle, Venom OG Live Resin Sauce helps alleviate daily discomfort caused by inflammation, nausea, depression, and pain.

SoCal Dabbers Venom OG jar

SoCal Dabbers Venom OG jar

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