Cheech and Chong tell Jeff Sessions to ‘try inhaling it’

Jeff Sessions has received a challenge to try smoking weed from none other than Cheech and Chong.

The comedy duo known for their affinity for cannabis appeared on TODAY weatherman Al Roker’s web series Cold Cuts to make sandwiches and talk pot.

Roker brought up the obvious topic, as Cheech and Chong recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of the cult stoner classic, Up In Smoke.

“It’s medicine,” said Chong during the interview. “Regulations, really, it doesn’t matter. Don’t put you in a jail for doing it. Leave us alone.”

Cheech also brought up the issue directly to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whose anti-pot stance has been well documented.

“It can be sold and you get tax money that goes for our schools and fire departments. Come on, bring it, Jeff,” Cheech said.

Chong replied with a stronger sentiment, somewhat echoing what fellow weed lover Willie Nelson said about Sessions in 2017.

“My message to Jeff, Jeff Sessions: Instead of having the smoke blowing up your ass, try inhaling it.”

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