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It is illegal to drive a vehicle after having consumed more than a specified quantity of alcohol or cannabis. Cannabis users are dealt with particularly severely in this regard. Why this does not actually help road safety is explained in an exclusive multi-part series from the Cannabis News Network. In Part 2, the focus is on Cannabis vs alcohol.

Since 1 July 2017, police have been testing drivers not only for alcohol but also for other substances such as amphetamine, cocaine and cannabis. Anyone who is over a given limit will face criminal charges. Although this seems sensible on first sight, if you look more closely is actually very unfair.

Why the Dutch legislation is unfair

For alcohol, tables have existed for some time that pair up given levels of alcohol with given levels of punishment. The determining factor is the extent to which the ability to drive is impaired. In other words, the more someone has drunk, the tougher the penalty.

There are similar tables for cannabis, too, but for some reason the courts are much harsher for cannabis than for alcohol.

In an interview with Cannabis News Network, lawyer Ilonka Kaman suggests that…

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