“Cannabis & the Art of Infusion” Cookbook: Lifting the Cannabis Cuisine Stigma

Flickenger explained, “Eating cannabis infused food for the first time can help people not feel the stigma that they are “doing drugs” by removing the need for tools like joints, bongs or dab rigs. Wine, beer and liquor do not have the same stigma as cannabis does – and people enjoy those without guilt. Food helps to move it in a new direction and facilitate a conversation and different feeling about taking it into your body. Small doses in food, microdosing, brings on feelings that merely enhance an experience. T smells are more powerful, food tastes better overall, people are relaxed but not extremely stoned. This kind of recreational use can help people dispel common misconceptions about how cannabis makes you feel. Many don’t realize there is a big difference between being extremely stoned and just feeling pleasant, just like with alcohol there is a big difference between chugging a 6 pack of beer and having a couple glasses of wine with dinner. Normalization and further conversation are ESSENTIAL to to give people educated information and have them actually listen. There will be no further research, which is needed, without us talking about it. Research and acceptance are…

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