Cannabis Industry Who’s Who: Marijuasana Founder Stacey Mulvey

Yes, I do deal with a stigma, but I when I encounter explicit resistance, I try to let it roll off my back and simply educate people when and where I can. And, I remind myself that ultimately they will be on the wrong side of history. Thanks to the DARE program, and other misinformation (and outright lies), we have a steep hill to climb with certain audiences. But when I tell people that I meet what I do, most are very supportive. If you look at polling and talk to people, most, even conservative types, have smoked cannabis in their past and deep down they know that it’s not the evil weed that it’s been portrayed to be. They also might have a loved one that has utilized cannabis to manage pain or other ailments. So while they might not be “out” quite yet, they are starting to silently support the change that we see happening.

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