Cannabis Concentrates 101: Which ones are there?

Some might think that cannabis concentrates are a modern luxury, but we have been making concentrates for a long time. As our technology increases, the potency of cannabis concentrates continues to increase. To learn more about cannabis concentrates and the variety that is now available on the marijuana market, keep reading this article.

In the big wide world of cannabis products, concentrates have increased dramatically, both in demand and popularity since the legalization movement started. Legalization opened the doors for innovative technology, allowing us to extract the most potent parts of cannabis.

However, although the most popular cannabis extracts are a result of modern invention, we have been extracting cannabinoids for a long time now. This guide is all about the cannabis concentrates that are available today, and the story they have told from ancient times until now. If you are a lover of dabs or oils, then you’re already familiar with the experiential wisdom of cannabis concentrates.

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Hashish is probably the earliest form of cannabis concentrate. In Eastern…

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