Cannabis-based Topicals Can Help You Enjoy Your Place in the Sun

Summer is here, and as we frolic outdoors, we must be mindful of the sun’s harsh rays. Even though the sunlight feels good upon our skin, extended exposure may not always be good for us.

What can we do to protect our skin while hiking wilderness trails and lounging by the pool? With the expanding array of cannabis topicals, manufacturers are developing items that may assist in protecting the largest organ of the human body. This is an exciting time for consumers in markets that offer infused topicals. These useful items protect skin from harmful UV rays and heal sunburns with the plant’s natural protective elements. Let us explore the bright possibilities of infused topicals for sun, fun, and getting a great tan.  


First, cannabis used as a topical will not get you high, as it does not contain psychoactive properties.  Many topical products contain THCA, which must be decarboxylated, or heated and converted into THC, before it can provide the cerebral effects commonly associated with vaping, smoking, or eating edibles.

When cannabis-based and hemp topicals are used foras sun protection, the cannabinoids and terpenes help to create a defensive, reinvigorating, and moisturizing effect that protects against sun damage. Cannabis and hemp seed oil have been found to have properties that protect against UV rays.

When it comes to the sun, the sun protection factor (SPF) has helped people gauge how much sunscreen they should be lathering to protect themselves from intense rays. The SPF number determines the fraction of UVB rays that can penetrate the application and still burn the skin; it is not, as commonly thought, a duration of time between applications of sunscreen. In most cases, experts and sunscreen manufacturers recommend reapplying sunscreen about every two hours. Some types of clothing offer benefits similar to topical sunscreen, but may not the most comfortable to wear while in water. Hats, sunglasses, and scarves are fashion-forward ways to get additional sun protection.

Vitamin D is essential to the body as several organs, bones and the immune system all depend upon it. Cannabis and hemp oil assist in resisting some of the damaging UV rays without blocking the absorption of vitamin D. If we don’t get our dose of vitamin D in our bodies, it may be detrimental to our well-being.

And while you’re out surfing or having a picnic, don’t forget to protect your lips as this is an area of our face that gets the most exposure to the sun. Most dermatologists suggest using a protective lip balm so why not one that’s infused?

One of my favorite protective infused topicals is Mary Jane’s Medicinal’s’ aloe-based lotion, which can be purchased in Colorado and California. When I spoke with founder Dahlia Mertens, she told me she started her company when she was a massage therapist and had many patients with skin problems and pain issues.

Mertens had an interest in holistic medicine and researched and developed the various products to help her clients. Thereafter, Mary Jane’s Medicinals came to be, and Mertens said she is excited by so many people using her topicals.

Another favorite is from Nevada-based Evergreen Organix, which offers a topical that offers SPF 30 protection as well as a healing topical for relief from burns. If you have the after effects from a full day in the sun and your skin is hot and red, try Lost Remedy’s Burn Formula. This is a CBD hemp-derived formula and can be shipped throughout the US.

It is my hope that with adult-use and medical cannabis allowed in 30 US states, more manufacturers will be open to incorporating cannabis and hemp oils into topicals directed toward those with active lifestyles. The cannabis lifestyle is much more than skin deep.

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