Cannabis and Hops: Part of the Same Family

Most people don’t know that cannabis and hops have a common ancestor and are part of the same family of plants. But, when you really think it through, it does start to make sense – like why humans love the taste of beer and cannabis so much. In this article, we look at plant botany and taxonomy to discover the common ancestors of humulus and cannabis.

Finding out that cannabis and hops are, in fact, related came as something like a revelation. What is it about the Cannabaceae family of plants that makes humans jump for joy and empty their wallets? And where exactly in the ancestral line to hops and cannabis connect?

All of a sudden, it makes so much sense that these plants would be related. The smell and taste of a good quality joint are incomparable, except for the smell and taste of a great beer. The words that we use to describe the aroma of a beer are eerily reminiscent of the terms we use to describe cannabis, don’t you think? Yet, somehow, the sensory experience of these two intoxicants overlap, and botanists believe they know why.

Hops and pot and everything in between – which really isn’t that much. These two plants are closer than you…

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