Canadian Researchers Are Using Government Grants to Make Weed-Infused Beer

If all goes as planned, we’ll be drinking green beer by next St. Patrick’s Day without the aid of any extracurricular food coloring. In Ontario, one Canadian cannabis company is bringing together weed industry expertise, university scientists, and government grants, all in the pursuit of a commercially-viable product that tastes like beer but gets you stoned like ganja. Province, which specializes in alcohol-free infused beers and spirits, has now teamed up with researchers and students at Loyalist College’s Applied Research Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis and secured financial grants from the Ontario government to try their hand at creating a non-alcoholic beer that replaces barley with bud.

But while weed beer is quickly turning into the cannabis industry’s latest obsession for deep-pocketed players, at least one U.S. state is already on its way to completely outlawing the hybridized beverage. Though Michigan won’t vote on recreational legalization until November, Great Lake State legislators have already put the kibosh on stoned suds. “If you want it, go to Colorado or Canada. We don’t need it here.”

Across the northern border in Ontario, we’re guessing that the research and development team behind Province Brands’ infused brew will welcome those additional customers with open arms. There’s no timetable for when the new Canadian beverage will hit pot shops in Toronto and Vancouver, but researchers say the final product will have a nutty flavor. We’ll drink to that – as long as it gets us stoned, of course.

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