Canada brews first cannabis beer. Testing enzymes and experimenting with fermentation, scientists in a small Ontario laboratory have developed what is being described as the world’s first beer brewed from cannabis. : technology

I made a weed beer one time in college. I offered to make him a double IPA with some weed in it.

So he gave me like a half pound of some decent weed. I decarboxylated by heating it in the oven at 215f for like 30 minutes or something. Then once the beer was done fermenting, I soaked the weed in the beer.

The high alcohol content of the beer helped absorb the thc nicely. I made about 10 gallons and I think it came down to around a gram per 12 Oz bottle. So I gave him a 5 gallon keg and kept the other half as was our agreement.

One of those beers would knock you on your ass, it was about 9% alcohol so you would sort of buzz of one if you drank it quickly. The after 30 minutes the weed would kick in and you were just stoney balogna. Beer was really good too it was a Pliny the elder clone recipe.

I asked him a few days later how he liked and and he told me his brother and 3 of his bro’s friends drank the whole keg in a night without him so he didn’t even get to try it. I can’t even imagine how fucked up those guys must of been, that’s over ten pints each of a 9% beer and over a quarter of weed per person. I didn’t really believe him at first but I guess his brother and friends were huge alcoholics and managed to down that many high strength beers.

Edit: asked my friend about the story, closer to 10 people which is about 5 beers each, still though, that’s a lot of strong weed beer for one person.

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