Can Medical Cannabis Treat Alcoholism?

While the world continues to face the challenges that come with a culture so linked to alcohol, marijuana waves from the sidelines. Almost all Western societies are faced with the risks of alcoholism. Does marijuana have the potential to be a new framework of recovery for alcohol abuse? Find out more in this article.

When it’s Friday night and you need to wind down from a stressful working week, what’s more satisfying than a glass of wine with workmates?

Alcohol has been and still is heavily engrained in Western culture as a way to socialise, celebrate and relax. But the unfortunate contingency that comes with this much-loved pastime is alcoholism and addiction, which is a very real thing.

In fact, Europe has the world’s worst record when it comes to bad health and premature death as a result of alcohol (certainly not a thing to celebrate). It is no wonder that so many people are turning to marijuana as a substitute, if not a method of recovery.

But is marijuana treatment actually a step in the right direction? Is replacing one substance with another the same, or does the…

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