California Pot Shops Cut Prices Ahead of New Testing Deadline

That all changed with the passage of Proposition 64, which established a legal but tightly regulated market for both medical and recreational marijuana. That leniency expires on July 1st, by which time all retailers must sell off or destroy any cannabis products that don’t conform to the new rules. All cannabis products must now be tested for THC levels as well as levels of mold, solvent, heavy metals, pesticides, or other contaminants. There are only 28 labs currently authorized to test cannabis products in the state and these facilities are experiencing a serious bottleneck as producers scramble to get their inventories tested. “We feel like we’re trying to do yoga on two mats.” Martin said that he felt that the state’s new testing laws were too extreme, mandating that labs have to pick up samples directly from suppliers, and then retain these samples for 45 days. The regulations even specify the attire that lab technicians must wear.

While some retailers are scrambling to offload excess amounts of untested products before the deadline hits, others have gradually been stocking their shelves with tested, compliant products. “My hope is that everybody has been doing their job getting systems dialed in for an uninterrupted supply chain.”

Faced with this possible shortage, Cali stoners may want to take advantage of these sales to ensure that they are fully stocked for next week’s July 4th holiday.

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