California Company Creates First CBD Oil Made From Hops, Not Cannabis or Hemp

Humulus is a variety of hop, not cannabis or hemp, and hence this oil is entirely legal in the U.S. Dr. Bomi Joseph, director of Peak Health, discovered the plant in the Silk Road region of India. This bit of history provided a clue, and Joseph headed to India to locate the noted plant. “I knew that there was a chance of this actually happening,” said Joseph, who began to take samples of humulus plants in order to test his hypothesis. “We looked at thousands of samples before we found one or two that had CBD in it,” Joseph said, but once identifying them, “We were in good shape.”

Peak Health selected the humulus strains with the largest natural quantities of CBD, and then cross-bred them in order to arrive at a new variety of hops with even higher amounts of cannabidiol, the kriya brand humulus. This specific plant, which is patented by Joseph, has an 18% concentration of CBD, making it ripe for production of medicinal oils.

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