California cannabis company issues voluntary recall on pre-rolled joints

A major legal marijuana business has issued a recall for one of its products under California’s newly regulated market.

The Los Angeles-based Lowell Herb Co. issued a voluntary recall on a specific batch of pre-rolled joints, reports Marijuana Business Daily.

The company’s CEO, David Elias, confirmed the recall that began July 27, after lab results reversed an initial test that cleared the products for retail sale.

“We will make sure our customers can trust us and the actions we will take,” Elias said.

Lowell Herb Co. has decided to destroy all the recalled pre-rolls, all of which fall under two stock-keeping units (SKUs), and is “an expensive hit we will be taking,” according to Elias.

The particular batch involved in the recall passed two tests from SC Labs in Santa Cruz and BelCosta Labs in Long Beach, but a third test conducted by tested by San Francisco-based Anresco Laboratories gave the batch a failing mark two weeks after it was initially approved.

The state’s legal marijuana industry has struggled with inconsistent results between different labs for years.

“We go above and beyond, and now ……

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