Buzz Kill: Washington D.C. High School Bans All Baked Goods on 4/20 – News

“We suspect that Friday, 4/20 will be another day of risk-taking for our students,” principal Martin wrote in a letter to the school community. “‘Four-twenty’ is a globally recognized day in cannabis culture, and is often a day when students over-use marijuana. “

Martin’s letter specifically noted that students would not be allowed to bring “large quantities of brownies, cookies, or cupcakes” to campus for the entire week of 4/20, but did not say anything about gummy candies, chocolate bars, or Rice Krispie Treats – all which could, technically, be used as vehicles for edible marijuana consumption.

The Betty Crocker ban may seem like arbitrary overkill, but according to principal Martin, the tactic is a response to a specific incident at the school earlier this year, when multiple students needed medical attention after ingesting strong cannabis edibles.

Still, as soon as the news got out that the D.C. students wouldn’t be able to have their cake and eat it, too, social media comedians jumped on the story with their best baked goods jokes.

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