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Making your own potting mix can be a great way to advance your marijuana garden, or even a cheaper alternative for those growing marijuana for the first time. Whether you’ve grown before or it’s the first time, home making your own potting mix is the best way to ensure a high-quality soil.

At WeedSeedShop, we’ve delved intensively into how to choose your soil for optimum results from your garden. But the best way to get the conditions of your soil perfect is to of course, create your own. The advantages of making your own potting mix are that it is affordable, and this method gives you complete control over the balance of nutrients.

Making your own soil enables you to produce the highest quality marijuana possible out of your growing endeavour. This is not difficult and is entirely possible for those who have just started growing.

Why go down the road of DIY?

Choosing the right soil is imperative to growing quality ganja – it is where the whole thing begins! Even though there are quality potting mixes available in stores, the truth is that in fact, their quality varies…

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