Barewoods Extracts’ Diablo OG Nug Run Shatter is Devilishly Delightful

A nug run shatter from Barewoods Extracts, Diablo OG is an Indica-dominant beast of a dab.  Deceptively persuasive, Diablo OG appears innocent at first glance, but don’t be fooled. While the Diablo OG Nug Run Shatter is presented as a translucent beacon of hope, its collective terpene content brings fire and flavor to the unsuspecting.

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Diablo OG Nug Run Shatter

Appearance: The most noticeable thing about Diablo OG Nug Run Shatter is its collection of sheer amber colors and brittle consistency. While some shatters have a malleable texture, this nug run slab was easily broken into amber shards of concentrated THC with the tap of my dabbing tool. Translucent, like an old pane of wavy glass, the shatter’s golden-yellow shine welcomes the lucky consumer fortunate enough to get their hands on these concentrates.

Dab: On a surf trip south of Big Sur, California, I took a pint-sized vape hit of Diablo OG Nug Run Shatter using a portable e-nail. It delivered some flavorful motivation for a quick surf session. Tapped, snapped, and gathered on my dabbing tool, the slivers of blondish concentrates melted on my tiny e-nail and filled the glass chamber with a thick vapor. Inhaled deep and held for max effect, I could feel my worries fade as I paddled out toward the surf.

Flavor: After 30 minutes of floating in the lineup, I could still taste the remnants from my hit of Diablo. The flavor of fresh berries and grapefruit still lingered on my palate, but Diablo’s complex tang of jet-fueled kush had since dissipated. A complementary concentrate for outdoor activities or accomplishing those long put-off tasks, Diablo’s terpene profile provides a refreshing burst of energy when called upon.

The High: Regardless of the time of day – 7:10 a.m or 7:10 p.m. – Barewoods’ Diablo OG Nug Run Shatter is a therapeutic concentrate with a Indica-centric kick. And while some individuals utilize these tasty extracts for soothing muscle spasms, quieting intractable pain, or getting a good night sleep, they helped me find joy in a hectic world that’s filled with natural beauty.

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