Apple Fennel Slaw with Beta-Caryophyllene Terpenes and Education

Myth Alert: The wonderful world of the internet loves to provide everyone with an abundance of misinformation, especially with terpenes and cannabis. There is a rumor that if an individual begins to feel anxious or paranoid from consuming too much THC, that they should eat whole black peppercorns, and it will minimize those negative side effects of THC since there is BC in black peppercorns. By itself and at the proper dose, BC may provoke anti-anxiety-like effects, but in the presence of THC, since it does not act as an antagonist (think counteractive or deactivating) to THC, if the person decides to eat a handful of black peppercorns because they’re too high, they are most likely only going to placebo themselves into thinking it’s helping, or they’ll just have an unpleasant sense of spicy grit on their palate. If an individual consumes THC and experiences sensations of anxiety or paranoia, I would first recommend drastically minimizing the dose, while having a Cannabidiol (CBD) vape pen on standby. Unlike BC, CBD is an antagonist to THC at CB1 receptors, and it minimizes a lot of the less desirable, negative side effects THC can provoke.

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