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It is a controversial question at the moment: does weed cause anxiety or is it a treatment? There are people fighting on both sides at the moment, with some researchers arguing it is calming, and others arguing it can be the cause for anxiety. Knowing how cannabis interacts with the brain is a good start to answering this question. Read this article to find out more.

The relationship between weed and anxiety is so complex, even stoners can’t decide whether it helps or whether it makes matters worse. Until now, arguments that marijuana is calming and relaxing have persisted. But there are researchers and users out there who argue otherwise, that marijuana can actually be the causal factor for heightened anxiety. So, which one is it?

The point is that some marijuana users smoke marijuana for the sheer fact that it reduces their anxiety and helps them deal with stress. Others boycott marijuana because it puts their brain on overdrive, shooting their anxiety levels through the roof.

Basically, the reason this is so hard to quantify is because we are talking about marijuana’s…

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