A-peel-ing Bubble Gum Banana Live Resin Has Plenty of Pop

Another terpy dab for fans of Shatterday, Bubble Gum Banana Live Resin Sauce provides a tropical fuel for any weekend’s activities. Grown and blown in Southern California, Bubble Gum Banana Live Resin is a full-spectrum sauce that was created by SoCal Dabbers. An elevated extract for the seasoned dabber, the high from SoCal’s sauce has a tendency to pop the toxic bubble of social anxiety.

Appearance: As a live resin, Bubble Gum Banana looks like a dark amber gravy. A crystallized syrup of synergistic compounds, the full-spectrum sauce presents itself as an intoxicating glob of orange and brown trichomes. Engulfed by a viscous puddle of strain-specific terpenes, Bubble Gum Banana Live Resin Sauce delivers a fruity hit to the olfactory system once the jar has been cracked open.

Dab: A high-octane vape for the lethargic psyche, the dab of Bubble Gum Banana Live Resin Sauce dissolved on my ceramic e-nail effortlessly. Preheated to a terpene-sensitive temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit, or 190 degrees Celsius, my nail made quick work of the flavorful sauce. As it slowly melted into a bubbling liquid of therapeutic bliss, I carb-capped the dab and inhaled deep. Held for effect, as I exhaled what was left of the vaporized cloud, I felt a renewed sense of motivation for enjoying this Memorial Day weekend.

Flavor: Deliciousness run amok, Bubble Gum Banana Live Resin Sauce is some fruit-flavored fire. Derived from the Bubblegum Kush x Banana OG gene pool, this boss sauce by the SoCal hash makers was on point. While the Bubblegum genetics provide a hint to her kushy lineage, the Banana OG lent a subtle note of overripe bananas to the overall flavor profile.

The High: Bubble Gum Banana Live Resin Sauce cleansed the mind and nourished the soul. No longer plagued by a distorted sense of our Trumpian reality, thanks to the echo chamber of our 24-hour media cycle, my mind was able to find a brief moment of solace. A great way to kick off the three-day weekend, this live resin sauce also helps mitigate fatigue, depression and stress.

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