8 Activities to Try While You’re Alone and High

Everyone loves to get high with their friends, but sometimes the squad is unavailable and you have to get in a solo session before finding something to do with yourself. So what do you do? If you answered “Listen to music or watch a movie,” then yes, you’re correct, but just know that there are so many other activities that you may be overlooking.

To resolve that issue, I’ve created a list of suggested activities for people to try when they’re high on the solo trip.

Write a Screenplay

You could watch a movie, or you could write one. Chances are you believe that cannabis gives you a creative boost, so put that boost to use and see what kind of cinematic activities you have floating through your head.

Build a Model Home

Do you have a dream home that you plan on buying one day? If so, it’d be dope for you to get high and build a model version of the home for visualization purposes. What’s that? You never even thought about this? I know; we’re thinking outside of the box today, baby. Hop on Amazon and you can cop a model home for like $35. In addition to model homes, you can build model cars, model boats, pretty much anything.

Find Random Things to Buy Online

It’s so easy to say “Eff it” when high, which makes it the perfect time to do a little shopping. Will your bank account hate you? Oh yeah, definitely, but this list isn’t about saving money, it’s about fun things to do while high. I had absolutely no clue where it came from, then I remembered oohhhh yeahhhhh, I was stoned out of my mind at the grocery store and accidentally left my self control at home. The moral: sometimes bad high decisions pay off in the long run. You can get high and go people watch and really feel all of the energy from everyone around you. Because your high is causing you to radiate the most positive feel-good vibes, it’ll make the entire situation a very enjoyable experience. One of my favorite things to do is get high, go people watch, and make up backstories for the people I’m watching. Bookstores are a great place to explore while high because:

  1. Bookstores smell incredible because there’s so much fresh paper around
  2. You never know what type of crowd you’ll run into posted up at the cafe (on random nights, I’ll walk into Barnes.