7 Stages Of A Weed High

The weed high: a journey through yourself and your environment, and an experience that should not be missed. Using cannabis is a lot like a journey, where you are met with different stages and different events. We do our best to break down the marijuana experience into 7 stages, highlighting how you can expect to feel in all of the different parts.

For most of us, the experience of getting high is a conglomerate of mind-blowing experiences that rushes through us without any respect for time. It might not seem so while you’re going through it, but in retrospect, there seem to be identifiable stages. Yes, going through a weed high is kind of like going for a walk through Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland – or the Haunted House depending on what kind of an experience you’re having.

So for the fun of trying to explain the experience of something as psychedelic as cannabis, we’re going to break it down into stages. We hope that if you are a cannabis user, you’ll identify with some of these moments. And if you’re not, hopefully this article will make it sound like so much fun that you can’t wait to try it!

1: Is it working yet?

When you’re

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