6 Activities to Try With Your Friends While High

What’s your favorite activity to get high and do with your friends? If your answer is “Sit around and do nothing,” I totally feel you because it’s so relatable. Sometimes y’all have to break the mold by finding other ways to entertain yourselves, and for that reason, I’ve created a list of activities for people to get high and do with their crew. Board games are a great way to restore that feeling, especially when stoned. There’s Monopoly, there’s Life, but the best of all is Sorry. It’s the PERFECT game to play with friends, because there are so many opportunities of betrayal.

Play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

If you’ve never played Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, then you aren’t living right. It’s a BLAST, and really requires a lot of thinking, which is the biggest reason that it makes for a great high group activity. There’s nothing like having to rely on your memory while in an elevated state of mind. If you’re in a legal state, do your googles and find a “Private event” or showcase going on nearby that you and your friends can attend and melt your brains at.

Have a Stoned Eating Competition

Back in college, the homies and I would get super high, then go to Cici’s Pizza and have an All-You-Can-Eat contest.

Plan Out a Group Vacation

I’m a big believer in the power of a squad vacation, and if y’all are all high at once and in the same room, there is no better opportunity to play Yo, We Should Go Somewhere. As we get older, it’s increasingly hard to spend time with loved ones, so a group vacation is a great way to maintain that energy of close friendships.

Go On a Hike

Hiking is the perfect squad activity because it doesn’t require anything of anyone except physical movement.

If you go hiking, especially in a state with legal cannabis, you’re guaranteed to see random groups of friends just posted up on rocks, passing joints between each other, and enjoying each other’s company. There’s something about hanging out in nature with the homies that brings about an abundance of positive energy, and y’all owe it to yourselves to experience that as a unit.