5 Ways To Rehydrate Your Weed

For one reason or another, you’re holding some really crispy buds in your hand. In fact, they’re so crispy that smoking them is like smoking dry wood. Have no fear – they can be salvaged. Try the rehydration methods in this article with great care and tact to make sure you don’t make them wet!

There are a few reasons you might have ended up with weed too dry to use:

  1. Maybe you harvested a lot after the last season and just didn’t really store it properly.
  2. Perhaps you forgot about that old stash of weed you had and all of a sudden, you’re having some cravings.
  3. Or… you bought a brick of cheap weed because… well, it was cheap. No judgements here.

Whichever one you are, there are ways to rehydrate your weed!

If you’re going to be making edibles, it doesn’t even really matter that your weed has become super dry. It won’t matter once you dump it in a pot of butter or oil. But if you’re smoking it, ultra-dry weed can be a harsh, non-pleasant experience to say the least.

So, before you concede to throwing that dry herb in your bubbler, pipe or joint, try some of…

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