2nd teen in ‘Slenderman’ stabbing gets 40 years in mental institution : news

Everyone who gets this plea who has committed a serious crime goes directly to the Locked Mental Hospital for several years.

They do get out, if they demonstrate stability and insight. Many have been let out of the locked hospital years ago and are living in residential neighborhoods, in these houses where workers come and observe, pass out medications, take UAs and record symptoms. If they decompensate in their mental illness, they end up going back to the hospital again.

If this girl is able to develop insight into what allowed her to stab a classmate, she’ll be able to get out sometime in her 20s probably. In my state, you can’t ‘parole’ your way out of this. The state mental health system keeps tabs on you the entire length of your sentence. He opted for mental health adjudication because he didn’t want to go to jail, and had a mental health diagnosis. He got 20 years, no exceptions, no ifs ands or buts. He got out of the locked hospital years ago, but has to deal with the group home system, UAs, counselors, and medications for 20 years. If this were my state, there would be no way to reduce the 40 years. She’d be able to spend most of it outside the hospital.

At the lowest level of care, clients can move out of the group homes and live completely independently in their own homes, and just come in for counseling and UAs once a week. To reach there, you have to earn your way down step by step, which takes our clients about 5-10 years.

Granted, this varies TREMENDOUSLY state by state.

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