Watch: Jay Leno drives a sports car made out of marijuana

Jay Leno has found a high-performance sports car that smokes the competition with the help of cannabis.

The comedian and automobile enthusiast invited retired Dell executive Bruce Dietzen on the latest episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage” to show off the 2017 Renew, an environmentally sustainable car that’s carbon-neutral to produce.

The Renew’s body is constructed from woven cannabis hemp, a non-psychoactive crop related to pot.

“It’s not made out of marijuana,” Dietzen explains in the video below. “It’s made out of cannabis hemp. You could smoke all the cannabis hemp you could possibly want and you won’t get high.”

The show goes on to explain that the car’s material is lighter than fiberglass and ten times stronger than steel, which is demonstrated when Leno repeatedly smashes his fist on the hood.

“Maybe we’ll hit a couple of cars and see what happens. Then we’ll really see how strong it is,” quips Leno.

Although Dietzen doesn’t specify what the Renew runs on, he’s currently working with Colorado-based tech company Cool Planet to create a more sustainable fuel.

“The ultimate goal, Jay, is…

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