Target Added CBD Hemp Oil to Its Online Store, But Removed the Product from Shelves In Under a Week – News

CBD hemp oils won’t get you high, but they could help curb epileptic seizures, cure insomnia and treat inflamed joints. But even though the holistic medicine is made from industrial hemp plants and not the THC-producing cannabis buds we imagine when marijuana is mentioned, the CBD products are in a peculiar limbo between mainstream acceptance and supposedly “dangerous” drug; with health food stores across the country carrying the products, even in the face of the DEA clearly stating that the consider all cannabis derivatives Schedule I narcotics, even those without psychoactive properties.  

And with states around the country implementing federally sponsored industrial hemp pilot programs and hemp products without CBD like lotion and clothing found at major retailers around everywhere, the do’s and don’t’s of the hemp sales are far from cohesive.

Nothing has shown industrial hemp CBD’s tenuous status quite like this week’s fiasco between Minnesota-based big box retailer Target and Denver-based CBD company CW Hemp. Yesterday, in a move that raised eyebrows in the cannabis community and retail world alike, CW, named for the CBD-rich Charlotte’s Web…

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