New Documentary to Demystify Industrial Hemp

The Hemp Road Trip is creating a feature length documentary focusing on industrial cannabis. While the plant is federally legal, the DEA, State and local law enforcement remain confused and arbitrarily interfere in domestic commerce, while citizens nationwide continue to dispel propagandist fear about this plant.

“Education and awareness are key to ending prohibition and my hope is this new documentary will do just that,” said Rick Trojan, Founder of The Hemp Road Trip.

The road trip launched an indiegogo campaign to coincide with the movie trailer debut. You can check out the trailer and donate by clicking here.

“I can’t wait for you to see the trailer, I’m very proud of what our team has accomplished so far and this is only the beginning,” Trojan said, “With your help we’re going to reach a nationwide and even global audience, and help end prohibition of this plant!”

Rick Trojan is committed to ending federal prohibition of hemp. A few years ago, he became involved with a legal hemp farm in Colorado. The farm grew for CBD, a dietary supplement found in the cannabis plant. However, he quickly learned that hemp and CBD are still buried in outdated…

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