Denver’s New Social Marijuana Use Rules Stray Far From Voter Approved Initiative – News

Despite the excitement surrounding Denver becoming home to the nation’s first–ever cannabis cafes, most folks will be utterly disappointed when this concept is finally launched later this year.

It was recently announced that city regulators had finally put the finishing touches on the rules of a local initiative that gives the city of Denver the opportunity to experiment with cannabis lounges.

Unfortunately, the system seems to have been written by a group of uncultured conservatives, as they have done everything possible to suck the functionality out of program.

Unlike the image of the cannabis cafes that most people have grown accustomed to seeing, coffee shops in Amsterdam being a prime example, Denver’s situation is a a weak approach to giving people the so-called “freedom” to consume marijuana in public.

For starters, businesses granted permits for on-site cannabis consumption cannot sell marijuana to its customers. Instead, patrons must bring their own weed from home.

But don’t even think about lighting a joint in one of these places – the rules completely prohibit anyone from actually smoking marijuana. So, if you want to sit around in a…

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