Colorado Cannabis Tax Cash Will Fund a “Sims”-Style Video Game to Teach Substance Abuse Counseling – News

In the few short years that Colorado has been collecting tax on recreational cannabis sales, state coffers have already been stuffed with over half a billion dollars in previously criminalized revenue. Those funds have already sent high school grads in Pueblo, CO to college for free, paid the salary of newly hired school nurses across the state, and built new public school infrastructure in struggling rural counties. For their next act of marijuana-fueled public decency, Colorado is going back in time to the turn of the millennium, granting a chunk of the legal weed funds to a local nonprofit and their Sims-style role-playing computer game that helps anyone with an Internet connection learn how to discuss substance abuse issues with loved ones.

According to Westword, the video game, One Degree: Shift the Influence, is the brainchild of Peer Assistance, a Denver-based nonprofit organization that has been fighting against drug and alcohol abuse for over three decades.

With One Degree, the group hopes to put users in the role of a substance abuse counselor, presenting role playing situations designed to give useful tips and pointers for people dealing with similar…

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