Christians Demand: Stop the War on Drugs

The most determined opponents of a cannabis reform often come from conservative religious circles, such as those who regard homosexuality as a curable disease, deny Darwin’s findings, or regard the equal treatment of all sexes as ungodly. Just recently, Jeff Hunt, a Colorado Christian University educator, wanted to ban the 420 Rally in Denver in its current form. Not due to any illegal activities occurring during the event, but because cannabis itself was a social threat.

“We want to reform culture, to make culture good,” Hunt said. “And we see recreational marijuana as a threat to making a good and healthy society.”

Hunt’s negative experience with cannabis dates back to when he tried to complete his homework after smoking herb in the eighth grade, at the young age of approximately 14 years old. “I would smoke marijuana pretty regularly and try to do homework, and I’d forget a paragraph as soon as I’d read it,” he said. Hunt’s experience is a prime example of what happens when cannabis is purchased as an illegal, unregulated substance by an eighth-grade student lacking any cannabis-related education.

But even among committed Christians in the…

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