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Strain Overview

The Scoop: Candyland is a next-level Sativa-dominant hybrid that combines two legendary Bay Area strains: Bay Platinum Cookies and Ken Estes’ Grand Daddy Purp (GDP). Candyland may not generate a huge buzz at “coffeeshops” in Amsterdam or dispensaries in Colorado, but if you check out the menus at Bay Area pot shops, you’ll see Candyland is high on their list of boutique strains.

The Result: A Sativa-heavy smoke, just one simple toke and your daily anxieties are seemingly exiled. Replacing stressful toxicity with a creative and relaxed mindset, consumers enjoy Candyland for its smooth and soothing body high – and its pain-killing attributes.

Finding Candyland at a dispensary near you today

The Verdict: Candyland possesses one of the more intriguing aromas in a modern hybrid, with effects that are second to none. An instant Nor-Cal classic, Candyland’s incredible bag appeal represents a great alternative for fans of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Candyland transports those in the smoke circle to a place of tranquility while providing a unique and complex flavor profile. Straight gas for the mental engine, Candyland is one of the best cookie crosses…

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