The Ebb, Flow, and Profitability in California’s Legal Marijuana Market

The “Green Rush” in California is officially on.

On Monday, the legal sale of recreational marijuana was formally rolled out in America’s most populous state.

Another historic moment for the cannabis reform movement, California’s adult-use sales are predicted to reach some lofty highs before plummeting back to reality by the end of 2018. Also on the menu for California’s newest industry in the new year, a serious bout of consolidation in the world of marijuana brands, according to a new report from the canna-tech company Headset.

With high hopes for California’s recreational market, the recently published report extrapolates critical market data gathered from Washington State and Colorado’s medical and recreational marijuana sales.

Compared with the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana, the report projects California’s 39.5 million residents will spearhead some rather monumental growth over the next six months.

   Growth was explosive, then plateaued.

   In the first six months of sales, total units sold and total revenue increased by 310% and 270%, respectively.

   Units sold continued to explode, rising to a…

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