Northern California’s Cannabis Community Is Coming Together in the Face of Fire Devastation – News

The disastrous wildfires spreading through Northern California’s Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino counties are still burning, with unpredictable winds pushing the blazes past the reach of the first responders trying to contain it. Even with smoke still billowing across the sky, and ash falling instead of rain, the area is wasting no time getting to work on disaster relief. This includes incredible signs of solidarity between the local community and cannabis industry, with local legal weed companies giving back to their affected neighbors and thousands in donations given to marijuana growers, some of whom have already lost millions in plants and irreplaceable genetics.

According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, a combination of 11 fires across Northern California have already burned 140,000 acres of land, destroying more than 570 structures, and a still un-totaled number of vineyards and cannabis farms.

To try and help bring relief to those who lost homes, cars, property, and even entire neighborhoods, Sonoma County based marijuana brand CannaCraft (producers of AbsoluteXtracts and Be Kind Flower) will be donating $50,000 worth of product to local residents, with three…

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