NBA Draft Preview and All-Stoner Team Offseason Changes

Wow, what an incredible end to another NBA season that was, with the Golden State Warriors taking the title — and best-of-3 bragging rights — from the Cleveland Cavaliers in just 5 games.

That means our 2016-17 NBA All-Stoner Team took home three rings in total, as Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Matt Barnes showed no mercy against fellow Stoner Squad-member JR Smith and the Cavs. Cleveland even allegedly tried to summon the power of the plant after Game 2 once they realized it was probably giving the Oakland-based Warriors an advantage, but it was too little too late — plus, it’s the understatement of the century to say Ohio doesn’t have the same quality selection of cannabis available in Northern California.

As one season comes to a close, another one is just around the corner. Tonight is the NBA Draft, where teams have the opportunity to rebuild their lineups from the ground up and take another stab at a title of their own. We’re also going to take this chance in the offseason to make a few changes to our NBA All-Stoner Team ahead of the new campaign. While the great success we saw this season is an accomplishment, we can’t slow down now — which is…

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