Los Angeles gets a cannabis czar to lead regulation in a ‘new era’

An active and prominent supporter of the campaign to legalize recreational-use cannabis in California will head up the Los Angeles agency tasked with regulating the local marijuana industry.

Cat Packer, a nominee of Mayor Eric Garcetti, was confirmed on a City Council vote of 13-0 Wednesday to serve as executive director for the city’s newly created Department of Cannabis Regulation. The city is weighing proposed regulations to allow dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers and other types of cannabis-related businesses to operate.

Packer recently served as policy director for the Drug Policy Alliance, which lobbies for changes to cannabis laws at the state level. Previously she was a campaign coordinator for Californians for Responsible Marijuana Reform, a group that raised money for Proposition 64, the state ballot measure voters approved to legalize recreational-use marijuana by adults.

As California prepares to move forward in January with legalizing the recreational use of…

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