Former NFL star Ricky Williams introduces his own marijuana brand

Ricky Williams will now be known as a legal cannabis businessman as well as one of football’s most storied running backs.

The former Heisman trophy winner and 10-year NFL veteran has launched his personal brand of marijuana products, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Williams collaborated with a Southern California medical marijuana dispensary and consulting firm to create the brand Real Wellness, which provides cannabis-infused health products such as salves, tonics, and vapor cartridges designed to be introduced into daily routines.

“I’m a healer now,” said Williams in an interview with the Cannabist. “I’m excited for that world to converge with cannabis.”

Williams’ health products will feature cannabis blended alongside special herbs like chamomile, peppermint oil, lavender, and several others.

“Single herbs are never given alone to treat a condition,” Williams explained. “Herbal formulations are the best treatments and ameliorate side effects of any of the individual herbs.”

Williams has always remained open and candid to the press regarding his love for cannabis, and even throughout his controversial NFL career.

Real Wellness…

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