Best marijuana edibles: Valhalla awaits you with infused gummy candies [review]

(photo courtesy Valhalla Confections)

Put the bears and worms to rest and move up to a line of gummy candy for grownups made by Valhalla Confections.

Valhalla has taken a childhood pleasure and transformed it into a delicious cannabis-infused treat for adults. The California-based company handcrafts all their products using organic, gluten-free ingredients such as fair trade non-GMO sugar to create these mouthwatering delights. The Kosher gelatin used in these treats also provides added health benefits that can improve metabolism and reduce inflammation.

The same quality and care also applies to the flowers Valhalla uses to make their gummies. Their vibrant cannabis strains are locally sun grown and sustainably farmed, and the name of each specific strain used is stamped on the packaging so consumers know exactly what they’re getting. Valhalla’s Blue Dream and Sour Diesel strains are used to medicate their tangerine-flavored sativa gummies, while OG Kush and DMC is used for their sour watermelon indica flavor. Not to be outdone, their CBD flower Cannatonic is infused within a 2:1 CBD to THC flavor called “Tropical…

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