Abandoned Pepsi Plant to Become Largest Indoor Grow in America, Cultivating Hope for CO Community

Sitting in a cramped SUV filled with eager journalists on the way to tour what will ultimately become the largest indoor marijuana grow in the United States, it quickly became clear that we weren’t in Denver anymore.

Beautiful brick architecture gave way to a barren desert that seemed to go all the way to the Rockies, complete with actual tumbleweeds. This is Pueblo, Colorado, and in just a couple of short years, it could very well represent one of the epicenters of cannabis innovation.

It’s crisp, even, dare I say, cold, and my New England roots were embarrassed by my newfound California sensibilities for only bringing a hoodie. I’m glad the cold hit me like that because it really accentuated the surroundings. There were far more structures than people, at least that we saw, and there weren’t many structures.

The outside of Doyen Elements retail location Todays Health Care in Colorado Springs, CO

A kind elderly woman was sitting next to me on my quick flight to Denver and we engaged in conversation about our respective trips. She was just visiting picturesque Orange County, California, making the opposite trek I was on this early Friday morning. She asked my…

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