7 Unconventional Cannabis Products Baby Boomers Will Love

You might not consider “smoking a joint with friends” being on most Baby Boomers’ to-do list this summer, but you’d be surprised how open minded the 76 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 are when it comes to cannabis these days. As we enter the smack-dab middle of July, here are the seven offbeat cannabis products that keep the greatest generation glowing all summer long.

Who couldn’t use a little stardust?

Stardust Instant THC is a fascinating instant tea crafted by Ed Rosenthal; this powder infusion agent offers 15mg of THC per single serve packet. A comfortable potency for marijuana newbies and just enough of a kick for seasoned enthusiasts.

Refreshingly elegant

Keef Cola’s Lemon Sparkling Water presents a classy way to cool off while engaging your endocannabinoid system. This glistening beverage exudes a tart lemon flavor and is infused with premium California marijuana.

Petra! Petra! Read all about it!

Kiva Petra Mints come in two invigorating flavors: Moroccan Mint and Eucalyptus. These microdose mints offer 2.5mg of THC per mint, making safe dosing for beginners a breeze. Additionally, these refreshing mints are quite conveniently…

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