Sheriff’s office raids more than 20 marijuana gardens on tribal land

The County of Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team led a raid on about 25 marijuana gardens on Sherwood Valley tribal land in Willits on Tuesday, assisted by the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The team, including Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office personnel, arrested six people and seized 2,421 plants, along with eight firearms, off of Eastside Road. They also found 611 pounds of processed hanging marijuana and 95 pounds of processed marijuana.

Sgt. Bruce Smith with COMMET said they believe the gardens were part of an organized operation, the growers renting separate parcels on one property and being paid to trim plants.

“This is all organized. It’s not just individuals making money,” he said.

The team on Tuesday pointed out a few gardens close to the road, one with 73 plants behind a tarp fence. A large canister on that garden held remnants of a chemical fertilizer. Other gardens were scattered farther up the hill.

“It’s just out of control, is what it is,” Smith…

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