NBA Star Zach Randolph’s Felony Cannabis Distribution Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor Possession – News

Zach Randolph is not a cannabis kingpin. You probably knew that already, but it took a few weeks for California’s justice system to admit it. The 17-year NBA veteran and freshly minted Sacramento King has finally had the outlandish possession with intent to distribute charge reduced to a simple misdemeanor.

Last month, Randolph was hanging with a group of people outside of the Nickerson Gardens public housing community in Watts, when Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department officers busted up the crowd and arrested two people, including the NBA star. In the days following the incident, TMZ reported that Randolph had been found with a bag containing somewhere near two pounds of pot, and charged with distribution due to the hefty amount.

Now, according to another, new report from the Hollywood gossip pros, Los Angeles prosecutors have finally figured out what we knew all along, that Z-Bo, who signed a 2-year/$24 million contract earlier this summer, could have been carrying 25 pounds, and he still absolutely would not have been selling that weed.

And since possessing up to an ounce of marijuana is legal in the Golden State, and any weight over that determined to be for…

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