Missouri Cops Raided a Backwoods Hemp Farm After Mistaking It for a $100,000 Cannabis Grow Op – News

Marijuana and hemp are both derived from the cannabis plant, and while you might find both in Woody Harrelson’s closet, there are very distinct differences between the two – mainly the fact that one is used for smoking and the other for producing clothing, rope and paper products. However, it would appear that green is green for cops is Jasper, Missouri, as when officers found a backwoods farm with almost 300 leafy stalks, they immediately got to chopping, snapping pics to post on the department’s Facebook page, and reveling in their presumed drug bust.

Almost as soon as the department posted their haul on social media, Facebook smokers caught wind of the photo and immediately pointed out that the bumbling cops had torn down the wrong type of weed. And with the boasting Facebook post claiming the industrial hemp was worth “about $100,000 street value once harvested and prepared for the street,” it didn’t take long for the comment section to turn into a giant roast session. 

Of course, the police department removed the post and deleted their page entirely in an effort to avoid further public lambasting. Thankfully, the Internet age has captured ample…

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