Cannabis remains banned in the United Kingdom

The legalisation of medicinal cannabis is on the brink of a breakthrough in the United Kingdom. But instead of debating the new bill, members of parliament talked it out. Scandalous!

The British MP Paul Flynn was beside himself with rage. He said he was ashamed to a member of the Labour Party. What happened?

On 23 February 2018, the House of Commons was due to vote on the so-called Elizabeth Brice Bill. But they never got that far. Members of the Labour Party deployed a delaying tactic known as ‘filibustering’. Instead of talking about that piece of legalisation, they artificially prolonged discussion on other topics.

The bill, named after the cannabis activist Elizabeth Bryce, covers the legalisation of medicinal cannabis. In the United Kingdom, thousands of people who are ill have no access to their medication.

It is not only Paul Flynn who is furious about this, but also the many people who gathered outside the Parliament building. The article on Cannabis News Network caused some tumultuous scenes there. The police arrested several people for crimes under the Narcotics Act.

What happens next? On 6 July 2018, the Elizabeth Brice…

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