With Legalization Looming, California’s Cannabis Industry Reckons with Proposed Edibles Regulations – News

With less than six months until cannabis officially becomes legal in the state of California, members of the previously underground, autonomous weed economy are bracing themselves for a wave of regulations from the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch of the California Department of Public Health. While various elements of the legal cannabis industry––such as lab testing, which helps consumers know exactly what’s in their cannabis––deserve stronger regulatory oversight, the FDA won’t moderate weed while it remains federally illegal. A number of measures, including dosage caps, prohibited ingredients, and package restrictions, pose a serious threat to the way edible manufacturers do business.

Come January 1, the proposed legislation in place would threaten, if not destroy, the diverse array of treats we’ve grown accustomed to. If passed, edibles would be capped to ten milligrams per serving––roughly the equivalent of a few hits of a joint––and imaginative cannabis chefs would be restricted from incorporating ingredients such as fruit extracts and dairy into their recipes. When you factor in a bongload of proposed restrictions on packaging and branding, these…

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