Watch: Morgan Heritage goes retro with ‘Reggae Night’

Grammy winners Morgan Heritage will soon provide medical cannabis to the Bay Area, but first they’re delivering some good old classic reggae to the masses.

Fresh off this year’s release of the new album Avrakedabra, the most renowned reggae family not named Marley just premiered their latest single “Reggae Night” exclusively on the Huffington Post.

The new single puts a modern spin on Jimmy Cliff‘s dance-infectious tune from 1983, replacing Cliff’s synthesized horns with modern rap rhythms. The video’s eye-popping yet simple animation also harkens back to the ’80s, offering colorful city and island settings paired with plain animations that’s almost like a throwback to Ralph Bakshi’s 1981 cartoon film American Pop.

Morgan Heritage announced a partnership earlier this year with medical cannabis provider Proper Rx to provide delivery services to Bay Area medical patients who either don’t have access to a car, or are physically unable to leave their homes. The band also has several cannabis-related plans for the future, including appearances at business-related events.

Watch MH’s cover of “Reggae…

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