Undercover Cops Gave Denver’s Church of Cannabis Founders Public Smoking Citations on 4/20 – News

Denver’s International Church of Cannabis made headlines across the country in the lead up to this year’s 4/20 holiday. The place of worship billed itself as a the home for cannabis as a holy sacrament, inviting guests into their privately run church to experience community, art, food, and circumnavigate the city’s social consumption laws. But while it may have appeared that the Church’s celebration went off without a hitch, a new report says Denver cops went undercover at the April event, and wrote up citations for three of the group’s leaders.

According to Denver’s local ABC affiliate, members say that two plain clothes cops used fake names to get themselves on the guest list, while another used the commotion of the holiday to get past the event’s door woman, the 72 year-old mother of church founder Steve Berke.

“It seems like religious persecution, like the city attorney has a vendetta,” Berke said. “If you go to a wedding, that doesn’t make the wedding a public event, it makes you a wedding crasher.”

Despite the event being invitation-only, Denver City Attorney Marley Bordovsky still plans to pursue the cases, claiming the invitation…

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