Todd Mitchem Wants to Bring His Canna-Business Expertise to Congress – News

Colorado cannabis industry veteran and regulatory expert Todd Mitchem is ready for a change. This time, the former O.pen Vape chief revenue officer and head of public and government relations and co-founder of cannabis consulting firm TMC Partners Government Affairs isn’t starting a new legal weed venture. Instead, he plans on leaving the private sector all together for a shot in public interest.

According to Westword, Colorado’s current 2nd District Congressman and vocal cannabis supporter Jared Polis is abandoning his seat next year for a run at the Centennial State’s governor’s mansion, leaving a gap that Mitchem hopes to fill. Mitchem announced his intentions on his Twitter page late last week, noting that he will run as a Libertarian.

“I’ve done a lot for work in the [marijuana] industry, but when Trump was elected and I saw the mess around Jeff Sessions and the pushback against the industry, it just showed how much of a mess the federal government is,” Mitchem said. “But what’s really motivating me isn’t just marijuana issues. It’s all these issues impacting our community. What’s affected me the most is health care. My family’s premiums have risen about…

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