The World’s 9 Best Cannabis Chefs

Cannabis cuisine has exploded much further than just a home experiment. Although home is where most of it began, cannabis cuisine is now a world business, with chefs all over the world competing for the title of the best cannabis chef. It’s time to meet some of the world’s cannabis infusion masters!

Recreational edibles and drinkables have exploded into the cannabis market with delicious success. In fact, the way that cannabis has made its way into the culinary world is crazy. People are having  weed bars at their weddings and professional bartenders are whirling together canna-cocktails.

Well, the modern cannabis culture is in a stage of birthing out some of the most amazing chefs we’ve ever seen. At the end of the day, it’s not easy to make a cannabis-infused meal delicious. The sharp taste of THC resin isn’t exactly the perfect herbal addition to a pasta alfredo. As the culture for cannabis food expands, so does the quality of the chefs that are born.

As much as love for this herbal medicine comes into the recipe, the big challenge for marijuana chefs these days is…

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